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Size and fitting plays an important role. In general, the art and production team will guide you through different thicknesses (grades) of material suited to your advertising campaign. Outdoor vs. indoor are different. Free hanging vs. frame/wall fitted are different and this can influence cost.

  All materials are wind rated  
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Fast print production and shipping from the factory

Super site, maxi site, mini, street or road, building or wall, the size of product is unlimited. To truly save money buying maxi showcards try working in 3 metre increments. Different customers and locations all have slight nuances, we suggest that your measure the width and height of your advertising place first.

Note: After you have put up your own indoor hanging sign or showcard you will see how easy we make it and the massive savings available compared to programmed installation.


durafence mesh 180den

Outdoor sizes and hanging (free) for construction sites, screens, site wraps and mesh direct onto temp fence hire. The material can also be used for small, moderate, maxi and scaffold site locations. We proudly offer Durafence Mesh, it's printing clarity, whiteness and value is the best for customers and is widely used by professional sign makers...


wedge edge

fit into press frame

Made to suit the most popular retro fit frame systems for printed graphics, our wedge edge fitting allows you to press the banner into the frame re-position and tension. Typically used inside a fashion department to promote the new brand season and sale.




hemmed edges


Most printed banner products offered include a 20mm hemmed edge on each side of the fabric signage material. Certain products such as flags alter the hem size, and other choices include cut knife edges only for special applications and trade buyers.



banners / billboards


Used for most billboards and fitted frame signs. This strong material is advantageous due to it's 'apparent' weight and ease of handling.
This vinyl grade is well suited for most sizes under 20m2...










custom size

We make a range of custom hanging banners posters for shop owners displaying their current seasons promotional items such as 50% off, stocktake sale, discount sale and more...
Custom sizes are available and we recommend a phone call to begin.




Velcro - Hook n Loop

male / female

6 great colors are available to fit to the rear of your window banner, wall display, freestanding popup display frame or other. Hook = male, Loop= = female.





Inner cross layered and outdoor sunlight graded material is used for sizes under 18m2.
Also, this is the most common size for normal rope and eyelet banners. The material is thinner but does not lose strength...


New material now widely used is




banner stands


The roller glide banner stands (retractable) are printed in high resolution onto pvc vinyl. No paper or polypaper, etc is used.




eyelets & bracing

nickel plated

We supply nicklel plated metal eyelets for majority of orders. 19mm OD 11mm ID.



Fitting a Wedge Edge press in frame

Made to fit Globanner frames, re-position frame systems and other standard 3mm 4mm slat moulded banner frames.
Made to suit all popular press in frames. The wedge edge is universally suited to popular frames and can be two sizes. Please let us know if your shop has a 'special size' we can also match.

About tension

All materials are new and, when exposed to the elements will contract slightly over a time period of 3-4 weeks. When tying or affixing to frame work, posts, buildings etc, it is the material manufacturers recommendation that strong hand tension be applied. This will vary depending on the overall span size and application. The natural contraction will later re-tension the frame or material into place. Do not over tension any material.

About edges

There are standard choice sign edges applied to banners and billboards that include:

bullet  Ropes and eyelets
bullet  Keder polymeric slide in Read more
bullet  Folded lap and edge over sewing
bullet  Reinforced (underside) bracing material that prevent eyelet shearing



Ropes and Eyelets are machine fitted during the sewing stages. Each includes an underside tab of the material in a diamond or rectangular shape to prevent an individual eyelet pulling through the sign.

Ropes - Size dependent, our minimum diameter is 5mm and ranging upto 8mm. If you would like steel cables or other, please ask.


Keder Slide In is a special polymeric shaped (imitation roping glide system) that allows the billboard or banner to slide inside a molded track. Just like the annex of a caravan etc. This Aluminium channel is very cheap and can be purchased from your local Aluminium sales centre.


Folded Lap and edge over sewing

This is very important to the overall success of your banner sign or billboard, be that for indoor or outdoor advertising.

Our standard is: Each edge is printed with sufficient 'bleed' running of the edge to allow the finishing team to overlap each edge and sew the thread through both surfaces. When rope is used, the rope is the full horizontal width inside this hem. In this way, your item is stronger, hangs flatter and will last considerably longer.


Underside Bracing by adding and sewing around a third layer of the material in a triangle / diamond or rectangle shape. The sewing is along the hem, and down the underside tabs. This makes eyelets almost impenetrable to split.
This is the standard applied to all banners regardless of size.


Blockout light materials are 90% light dismissive. This means that if a hanging banner sign is double sided, the FACE A will not be seen into FACE B. Please ask prequote for blockout materials and it's suitability.


Light transmission and Flex Face illuminated billboards. At this stage, we do not print light box signs. Our specialty is outdoor advertising billboards.


National delivery is easy and we supply leading ad agencies in Australia, marketing companies, corporate and buy direct customers.

Note: We do not rent space or install.

Note: There is no minimum size and we do not have set up fees. We are a direct to you company.


About sizes

We rely upon you providing the correct order, please measure twice, print once.

The Banner King has many different transport accounts so we can deliver anywhere promptly.


  We are a direct to you company  
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