What we are

Printing Sewing and Finishing is our manufacturing base
  producing custom client orders such as banners, fence barrier advertising, stage backgrounds, photography sets and logo signage onto flexible banners.

We are a factory direct wide width event signage, billboard & display printing banner service as used by promotors, designers, sign companies and other printing businesses. We supply many event organizers and event management, festival and shows.

Relied upon by hundreds of managers, we supply EVENT SIGNS in any design, set or color.

Depiction of event signage

Printing sizes from 0.5 metres to 200 metres. Flags, Mesh fence, PVC Vinyl billboard skins and vinyl banner signs for event advertisers, promoters, ad agencies, customers and business promoting their service.

We can print 1 pc or 2000 pc's. All direct and with the lowest meterage rates possible.

Event Signage for Sydney Events

We are the guys that you use to lower your signage and event printing costs.

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What we do

We design, print, sew and package. If you need help with the graphic design, our instore team can manipulate texts, imagery etc for you as a paid service.

How we save you money

Because our concentration and skills are the 'printed matter'. We heavily discount this service as a 'direct to you' business supplier. There are many tips and tricks applied to achieve outstanding visual presentation, and we have been making signs for 10years +

Giving you concepts, colors and ideas

Use your local graphic designer or advertising company to manage your campaign. We specialize in design print, sew and package.

If you're making your own concepts. We strongly suggest that you obtain the highest quality photographs available. Gif's just wont cut the grade when expanded to billboard sizes.
There are many photo libraries available on the net to get large mb photos or we also suggest that you take your own and remove any copyright issues.

If you truly want to reduce your outdoor advertising costs, it's just a quick telephone call away.

Each item is finished in a way that any local handyperson company can put up or by a local building or maintenance team. We even have special ways of folding the billboard so that a novice can stretch the sign as they put it up. see install guides here


New service

Print only, no finishing

If you would like to take advantage of our low printing rates and exclude the final finishing, please let us know. It will again save you. Recommended for trade. The strength of our material allows this great new service.


National Delivery

Last year, we made more than 10000 projects for all over Australia. These include suburbs in Sydney, Outer development areas in Queensland, Victorian rural locations and Apple Isle banners and through New Zealand.
Our new website is to explain to customers all the benefits of our services.

Check out this

large scale billboard sign made in Australia


We have made over 10000 banners since 1993.

The Banner King has many different transport accounts so we can deliver anywhere promptly.


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