Fence Banner Wraps

Changing to a new fence site wrap supplier

We understand that changing your current signage printing company for the unknown, you may be a little cautious.
So, a few points.
Over 10 years of banner sign making, 10000 jobs finished, all the systems to make it easy, inhouse design team to cross check all aspects, prints any width and...
We care that your advertising works!

Site Fence Wrap

Attach your fence wrap logos or site fence wrap manufacturing design and send to us for composition and layout.


temporary fencing and shade cloth printed


  Large or small, city or regional's  
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Speed and Quality

Typically, short runs are completed in only a few days. Large run outs may take only a few days extra.

Eyelets are machine punched - Nickel Plated.

Note: We don't put the signs up, we are involved in large printing onto wrap. It's just so much cheaper to arrange a local building contractor or your companies maintenance team.



re: business channels

We accept work from government, authorities and companies who provide a purchase order...
Private companies and event organisers please contact our design people for more info how to run an event for maximum advertising advantage...

Prices and sizes are quoted instantly, just place a call and the team will get onto it immediately...


Manningham Road Bulleen Victoria Billboards or along to Preston

Skins and banners are being sent all throughout OZ everyday. We suggest that you submit a simple contact point via the form to start our services rolling.

National Advertisers: If you would like us to coordinate with your building company or sign makers, please just let us know. We ship billboards everywhere, to sites and offices.

All our systems, including the software pixel conversions are PC, please send your art in a non flattened PDF format, and if you are using special fonts, attach in a TTF format.

Its a one off option that will save you heaps of time!







We have made over 10000 banners since 1993.

The Banner King has many different transport accounts so we can deliver anywhere promptly.


  Projects are being sent all Oz & NZ  
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